IMG_0577Maybe a little bit inspired by the Julie/Julia Project, but I rather think of it as an amazing way for me to learn to cook the dishes of my homeland. After all, I don’t have the challenge of cooking 500-som’ recipes in a year. The book “Manje Lakay” given to me at the age of 18 by my mother, only has about 47 to 48 recipes.
So, I will be trying out the book’s recipes as well as recipes of my own.
I’m not a professional cook but I find it a little bit abnormal that at my age, I have a greater experience in cooking American dishes whereas I haven’t had any full knowledge of Haiti’s recipes for a while. But trust me, I still add a little bit of my culture to those American dishes. I guess it’s the Haiti in me!
My culture is a treasure to me. And it’s not too late to learn some skills as well as knowledge.
In here, you will find traditional recipes of Haiti; whether native or acquired legacies. You will also at times learn, through my cooking, about the History and culture of my country!
I always try to add my personal touch to anything I cook. Cooking should be an art, an experience, a chance to express your personality and explore different cultures and traditions. Be open to the endless possibilities that are held within spices and fire!
This will be a fun experience 😉 
 Tag along and join the movement!

P.S. Every single picture from the recipes are mine. These pictures are originally taken by me from dishes that I have been cooking.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Mangeonslakay

Instagram: mangeonslakay


  1. Love your blog 🙂 Have you considered vlogging as well? I would love to see specifically the demonstrations of the Haitian bread and pâtes.

    1. Yes I have.
      I posted a video on how to make the pate brises (pie crust) on my onion pie post.
      But I’ll definitely work on a video for the bread and pates.
      Thanks a lot for the support.
      Stay posted!

    1. Thank you!
      I apologize for the oh-so-late reply. Do forgive me! I was wondering what the next post should be. I just got my answer! Next week it’ll be just that. Legume ak crab!

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