Zanmann – Tropical Almond

Terminalia_catappa_fruits_at_various_stages_of_ripeness-1I remember spending endless hours sitting in the backyard, after collecting several ZANMANNs (Tropical Almonds) that I would shamelessly enjoy,  from the tree that my father had planted there.
The tree’s latin name is actually Terminalia catappa whose origin is of India. No matter how hard I would try to describe the fruit to some of my friends over here, they would not know what I would refer to.

See, ZANMANN (The fruit) is creole for Amande which some people think means ALMOND.
But the ALMOND and the Terminalia catappa’s fruit are two different things to my taste buds. They probably come from the same family however. I’m not too sure.

I used to not just enjoy the fruit (which you could eat with its bear skin btw) ,but I would also be armed with a hammer. YES! A HAMMER! I know I used to be between the ages of 10 and 15 when I would sit in the backyard using my father’s hammer but this was never considered a hazard back home lol . “What’s the hammer for?” you might ask.
Well, what else than to crack open the fruit so I could reach the nut that would lay inside of it as a desired treasure! It would take an eternity to do so but these endless minutes were totally worth it !

Terminalia catappa medicinal uses:

The leaves have many medicinal uses including diaphoretic, anti-indigestion, and anti-dysentery activities. An infusion of the young leaves or scraped bark are occasionally taken as a potion for treating mouth infections.