Homard (Lobster)


Last year (God! It still feels weird saying that), I spent Christmas day in Boston with close friends. I had the pleasure of meeting new people and the ambiance was joyful and warm. We were all Haitians there and we sat most of the night,  reminiscing on the old times back in our country, imagining how warm it must be right now.
While mingling with everyone there, I was introduced to Nija Goutier. She was among the people who delegated themselves to prepare one of  the meals for the dinner we were scheduled to have.
I witnessed her prepare lobsters. I swear I was like a child waiting for her mother to open the cookie jar. In other words, I was impatient to try it out.
It turned out to be fantastic! It wouldn’t be a surprise to let you know that I shamelessly had more than one serving. And what better dish to have at this moment, when you wish you could be in the islands.
I promised to feature her in my “LAKAY Cook” of the month. We will have many more to come but for now, here’s Nija’s lobster recipe.

SN: She told me the recipe wasn’t originally hers but she added her own twist to it. I think it’s a great recipe that anyone can follow and I admire its simplicity.

4 lobsters
3 tbs of butter
2 tbs of miso (Japanese soybean paste)
1 tsp of mustard

There is really no limit to how much seasoning that can be added to this recipe as long as the spices lack sodium because the miso paste/sauce and the butter contain all the salt you need.
If you are using the miso sauce instead of the paste, i recommended you add 1/2 tea spoon of flour to have a thicker consistency

  1.  Boil lobsters for 6mns or til turned coral color. Allow them to cool down
  2. Cut lobsters in half. It makes it easier to manage, and the claws easily come off.  Set the claws aside. Guests can enjoy them with leftover butter mix.
  3. Cut straight down the line on their back and take out intestines in head and tail, rinse out with water in case the content of the intestines touch the lobster meat. Once they’re clean , cut lobster tails in half lengthwise. Leave heads as whole so the meat doesn’t fall apart.
  4. In the meantime, mix butter with miso butter in a microwavable bowl or quickly melt them on low heat with a little bit of oil to keep butter from drying, quickly mix in mustard with any other unsalted spice you desire.
    Pour some lemon juice on the lobster meats for extra flavor then use a brush to season the half lobster tails and grill them until their golden. If you are not using  a non-stick pan, use cooking spray.
    Also, coat the open heads and stick them in the oven, cover them with a sheet of aluminum foil to maintain the coral color!! It’ all about presentation!

And Serve!

CutlobsterhalfCut lobsters in half

DSC_0372DSC_0375Cut straight down the line on their back and take out intestines in head and tail


Set the claws aside. Guests can enjoy them with leftover butter mix.

We enjoyed the lobster with some Haitian black rice- duri djondjon-  (one of the recipes I will post soon) and some pasta