Boulettes a l’ Haitienne (Haitian Meatballs)

This is my second day cooking a Haitian dish and it seems like I’m getting more and more disappointed by the lines in the book. I found myself to be in a constant race with the sunset, less interested in reading and more interested in cooking.
Sandy (the storm) just passed by and took our power along with it. So what more than a 72-hour blackout to remind me of my motherland Haiti? Everyone gathered in the kitchen and the living room and contributed to the dish washing and cooking.
It really made me smile! I haven’t seen so many people in one room in so long. So I ended up obeying my instincts as well as receiving some input from my friend.
And guess what? Today’s dish turned out to be TASTY!

On the menu “Haitian meatballs”


1lb of ground beef

1/2 cup of diced onions

1 egg

1 tsp of ground garlic

4 slices of bread dipped in 1.4 cup of milk

1 green (bell) pepper

Salt and black pepper as needed

Oil to fry

Ingredients added by me :

Green onions

2 cubes of Maggi
1 hot pepper

Lime juice

Three boiled potatoes

My Directions

Drain the blood out of your ground meat

Massage the meat with some lime, making sure it’s well mixed in there.

Use your pestle and mortar to grind garlic, black pepper, green onions, hot pepper, Maggi.
Add the diced onions and a little teaspoon of oil to the mixture. (Quite frankly, I added one extra teaspoon of garlic).
Massage this mixture into your meat.
Leave for 15 mns

Boil your potatoes until very soft. Cut potatoes into cubes and mix with the meat. Again, leave for 15mns.

I did not use any egg or bread. I think it makes the meat really light and much healthier. Instead of the bread, I used potatoes. And this holds the meat together even more than with bread and egg together. But normally you would add the egg and bread to the meat and shape into individual balls as mentioned before.

Take out a skillet, pour about ½ to 1 cup of oil in it. Let it heat for a while (up to 5mns) .

Roll the meat into several individual balls.

Coat each ball with flour by rolling them into a plate filled with flour.

Put into oil and fry until brown.

And that’s it !
Boulettes a l’ Haitienne are usually served with rice or with vegetables and sauce.


  1. @Bee: Li te pile’l ak epices yo aparaman. It looks delish Nath. Keep at it. Kounya ou fe dlo ap koule nan bouch mwen. Tem al fe manje pam…

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