Famous Haitian dishes vs. Nathalie

So, while I’m still brainstorming  about what my first dish will be ( You can expect a posting between Friday and Saturday) ,  I started doing some research on the history/background of  Haitian spices. I also wanted to see if I was correct when it came to listing the most known Haitian dishes. . . Comes out to be that I am beyond correct 🙂
Here’s a list ( found on Wikipedia)  of what  I WON’ T be cooking anytime soon:

  • Du riz a pois or Diri ak Pwa (Rice and beans)
  • Du riz a sauce-pois or Diri ak Sos Pwa (Rice with bean sauce)
  • Du riz blanche a sause-pois noir or Diri Blan ak Sos Pwa Noir (White rice and black bean sauce)
  • Du riz djon djon or Diri ak djon djon (Rice in black mushroom sauce)
  • Mais Moulu or Mayi Moulen (Cornmeal)
  • Tassot et Banane Pesé or Tasso et Banane Pézé (Fried Goat and Plantains)
  • Cabrit or Kabrit (goat meat)
  • Griot (seasoned fried pork with scallions and peppers in a bitter orange sauce)
  • Chocolat des Cayes or Chokolat La Kaye (homemade cocoa)
  • Soup Joumou (squash soup)
  • Pikliz or Picklese (very spicy vinegar based coleslaw)

The point is, most of us know about those dishes (at least us Haitian).  How about we venture in names we’ve never heard before. And for those of you who are not of Haitian decent your taste buds are  about to give you the experience of a “mouthgasm” !

So what should my first dish be?

I am not giving any details about the recipe, ingredients just yet.  Take a leap of faith!


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