Almost 3 years since Haiti’s earthquake  (January 12th, 2010). For me it was one of the most terrifying experiences, if not the only one.

3 years since I’ve set foot in my homeland. It’s the longest I’ve ever been away.

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I were laying down next to each other. I was telling him how his mother insisted that I tried some of her LAKAY food. Duri blan, Pwa Kongo ak bannan peze dous. If you come from a Haitian family/background, you know that once the granmounns (parents/older people) offer you food, it is offensive to refuse. The minute that food touches your plate, there’s nothing that you can do. It must all go!

And for some reason, him and I,  we started talking about all of those delicacies from LAKAY. The biskwit sek (butter biscuit),  pen rale (bread), bib, bouyon tet kabrit (goat-head-soup) – Don’t be scared, it’s actually really good!- .
Somehow, all of these foods were associated with some childhood memories or places we’ve visited (an deyo). It occurred to me that I’ve spent more than 6 years in New York eating all sorts of food (thai, indian , japanese, european, american etc.) , to the point of even cooking them from scratch, but I have never really cooked a Haitian dish other than just duri kole (rice and beans).

When I was leaving for NY in 2006 , my mom handed me a book. She said that as long as I had this book, she would worry a little bit less about me. I must mention that, for Haitian parents, if you can’t cook any Haitian dish, you cannot survive. I thought she was hysterically crazy! (pardon the pleonasm) .  The title of this book is “ MANJE LAKAY, Reset Natif Natal”   ( Food from home. Native Recipes) . You might want to get it. It holds some very interesting recipes from ” Croquette d’ ignames”  (yam croquettes) to lambi pane (conch) .  Recipes I never thought even existed!

While my boyfriend was mumbling a few words about  some fresh vyann kabrit (goat meat) that he had, I remembered that book. That book that stayed in my drawer for the past 6 years. I haven’t even touched it.

Then, came this idea. I looooooooooooooove cooking! Baking even more! Why not start this blog?
Why not expose the beautiful recipes of my homeland.
So there it is; this is my new challenge.
I will regularly post about my experiences with  the recipes (some from me) of Haitian dishes and drinks. NOT JUST THE FAMOUS ONES.
And while I’m cooking, you will learn about the origin of some of these ingredients (that’s where the granmounns will come in handy)
Maybe you can try some at home!
MANGEONS LAKAY!!!! (Let’s eat native)

So , I would like to give credit to those who made the publishing of this book possible since I have yet to find the name of the author in the book :-/

  • Ministere de L’ Agriculture (MARNDR)
  • Ministere des Affaire Sociales (MAS)
  • Ministere de la Sante Publique (MSPP)
  • Ministere de la Condition Feminine et des Droits de la Femme
  • Ministere de l’ Environment
  • Secretairerie d’ Etat au Tourisme
  • Organisation des Nations Unies pour l’ Alimentation et l’ Agriculture (FAO)